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Phosphor copper 2% 3x3x500mm

DIN EN ISO 17672 - CuP 279

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The Silverfos 2 is a phosphorous containing brazing alloy used for joining copper and copper alloys. Due to its P content, it is considered self-fluxing: it means that no additional flux is required when joining copper to copper.
On the contrary, it is not used for joining steels or materials containing iron and nickel cobaltas. Typical applications are in refrigeration and air conditioning industry (it is used for service temperatures down to -50°C); in electric industry and in the plumbing trade. The brazing alloy is used for brazing with induction heating, with flame and in a furnace. Always in good and sure areas.

Technical data:
- Melting point: c.a. 645-825°C
- Working temperature c.a. 740°C
- Density: 8,1 gr/m3, 250 MPa
- Elongation: 5%

Base metals:
- Copper to copper without flux, with flux also brass, bronze, red brass
- Not for application in media containing sulphur.
- Not for Fe and Ni alloys
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