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Thermanit 25/09 Cut 2.4x1000mm

Böhler 56031 (5kg)
Wholesale lot 5 kg

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Avesta 2507/P100 is intended for welding super duplex alloys such as SAF 2507, ASTM S32760, S32550 and S31260. It can also be used for welding duplex type 2205 if extra high corrosion resistance is required, e.g. in root runs in tubes. Avesta 2507/P100 provides a ferritic-austenitic weldment that combines many of the good properties of both ferritic and austenitic steels. Welding without filler metal (i.e. TIG-dressing) is not allowed since the ferrite content will increase drastically and both mechanical and corrosion properties will be negatively affected.
- Structure: Austenite with 45 – 55 % ferrite.
- Scaling temperature: Approx. 850 °C (air).
- Excellent resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking in chloride containing environments.
- Pitting resistance is in accordance with ASTM G48-A, better than 40 °C.
- Yield strength: 660 MPa
- Tensile strength: 860 MPa
- Elongation: 28 %
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