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Small Part Shelf SB 600x1000/2020

Meta 94956 4 shelf/pck

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  • At central warehouse in Finland(delivery in 3-4 days)
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High quality small parts racks made from galvanized steel. Made in Germany with 5 years of material warranty.
The rack consists of a basic module and extension modules. The basic module can be joined with as many extensions as needed. No tools needed for assembling. Shipped with assembly instructions. Ready to be assembled and used.

Basic module includes:
- 2pcs ends
- 4pcs shelves + 16 pcs shelf holders
- 2pcs cross frame      - 4pcs end plugs + 4pcs base plate

Extension module includes:
- 1pcs end
- 4pcs shelves + 16pcs shelf holders
- 1 pcs cross frame     - 2pcs support bar + 2pcs base paltes

Shelf load bearing capacity is 150kg (can be increased with reinforcer 10360037905 up to 200 kg). Shelf height is adjustable with 25mm increments. Additional shelves are available separately(1000 x 400 mm) in packages of two.

Load bearing capacity per unit 900kg.

- Height 2000 mm
- Width 1000 mm
- Depth 400 / 500 / 600 mm

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