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Multiproc.welder Rebel EMP205 AC/DC

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Esab Rebel EMP 205 is the first portable all-process machine, offering MIG, flux-core, stick, DC TIG and, now, AC TIG processes. It can also be used to TIG weld aluminium.
It is an all-encompassing welding system that guarantees the best performance in its class for all processes as the one package on the current market that provides the easiest portability, highest durability, transportability anywhere - and that welds anything.
Excellent performance in industrial MIG, flux-core, stick (including 6010 electrodes), DC TIG and AC TIG applications.
Advanced AC TIG features such as high frequency arc starts, frequency control adjustable up to 400 Hz, extended balance and frequency adjustment, and dual current mode.
DC TIG also includes a pulsed mode up to 500 Hz.
sMIG technology – the exclusive sMIG (“smart MIG”) feature learns and continuously adapts to the user’s welding technique: it guarantees a stable arc and excellent, repeatable welds, increases the production of an experienced welder and reduces the training time of a novice welder.
Uncomparable portability and ruggedness – weighing only 25.5 kg, the Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC with a five-handle safety frame can do any job in the shop and at the work site.
Multi-language TFT display: the four programmable memory slots for each process, language selection, inductance management, upslope/downslope management and spot welding setting provide the opportunity to fine-tune the welds in order to optimise the performance.
- Light production
- Repair and maintenance
- Vehicle parts
- Foodstuffs and beverages
- Aluminium trailers
- Pipelines
- Contractors
- Agriculture
- Schools
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