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Caddy Tig 2200i AC/DC TA34

ESAB 0460150883 with equipment

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Compact and portable inverter for AC/DC TIG welding, with HF or LiftArc start, and MMA.

- Durable and impact resistant design with OKC 50 cable connectors
- Easy to operate
- Digital display for settings
- Plate thickness setting for TIG (TA33 AC/DC). Set the plate thickness and the machine will control the welding parameters.
- Adjustable slope down and gas post-flow (TA33 AC/DC).
- DC Pulsed TIG (TA34 AC/DC) giving increased control of heat input and weld pool
- Two memories (TA34 AC/DC) for storing of settings
- Micro Pulse (TA34 AC/DC) minimising heat affected zone especially on thin material
- Adjustable slope up/down and gas post-flow (TA34 AC/DC)
- Remote control possibility
- ArcPlus II regulator for better MMA welding characteristics. Higher weld quality with less after treatment
- Alll types of material, including aluminium, and thickness up to 5 mm
- Can operate with extra mains cables, over 100 m, thanks to the built-in PFC circuit
- IP 23 - designed for outdoor use making it safe on all work sites.
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